Stress Less with Christie

Warm, friendly, affordable 1-to-1 therapy

As a Psycho-therapeutic Counsellor, I work via video call, face to face, email or messaging. 

I can help you…

  • Manage your stress and anxiety – explore the power of the mind-body connection
  • Learn to accept painful past events and embrace change
  • Gain confidence – decide on a new life story working with motivation and goal setting
  • Root out the cause of depression
  • Improve your relationships with your partner, family, work colleagues or friends
  • Take control around difficult emotions and self-defeating behaviours
  • Gain hope and acceptance around life’s losses or bereavement

I also offer therapeutic workshops exploring connections through the power of the group.

Book by calling 07985 912366 or via the contact page.

Discovery Session

1 Hour
1-to-1 Talking Therapy


Future Sessions

1 Hour
1-to-1 Talking Therapy

£60.00 per hour

Top-up or ‘pay as you go’ sessions

How will you know if therapy is working?

  • You can feel more in control and resilient
  • Connecting with others and getting involved becomes easier
  • You may feel optimistic
  • Your self-esteem will gradually increase
  • You notice feelings of compassion and gratitude returning
  • You may find a sense of balance and confidence return as you look forward to the future with new ideas 


My deeply held values of wanting to support people who cannot afford therapy mean I offer concessions and appointments to those who are on a low income. Please get in touch to find out more information.

  • Future top-up or ‘pay as you go’ sessions are £60 per 1 hour of talking therapy

(Terms and conditions apply to all services outlined above).

As part of my FREE support to those who need it now, please find a gift of relaxation from me to you. Listen to this daily to feel relaxed and calm.

Only to listen to this recording when it is safe for you to do so. Do not listen to this when driving or after drinking or on certain medications – always seek the guidance of your GP if uncertain.  

“I feel fortunate to work with someone with whom I formed an easy rapport and who was so empathetic and able to offer ‘wise words. I really do feel that I have benefited from the sessions with Christie and they have been really beneficial in helping me to ‘unpack ‘ my feelings around my husband’s sudden death.”

Wendy M.